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DBManager 3.2.0 Released
08th 12/2005 10:13 (1281 previews)
DBTools Software is pleased to announce the new DBManager Professional Enterprise Edition 3.2.0. This release is not only a bug fix, but also bring a lot of improvements and new features. Check it the change log:

New Features and Improvements

  • Query Builder Completely Redesigned with plenty of new features
  • Implemented Help for SQL Commands for each Engine
  • Implement Query Naming in Multiple results
  • Implemented New Procedure Builder
  • Added Create Table for Task Builder -> Database Target
  • Implement Queries for DBF Tables (Requires DAO 3.51 or later)
  • Detect TaskBuilder Changes and Ask if it will save or not
  • Detect Diagram Changes and Ask if it will save or not
  • Drop Fields into New Tables in Diagram Designer
  • Implemented Workspace Servers Grouping
  • Implemented Migration of Extended Objects (SP's, UDF's, Views)
  • Implemented new MySQL Features (Triggers, Views, Information_schema)
  • Implemented Object Information for Details View (All Objects)
  • Implemented better handling for Database CVS
  • Implemented Dynamic Result (Faster and Uses Less Memory)
  • Improve Datasheet/Grid (Copy and Paste, Insert Error, Better Insert handling)
  • Implemented Double Click for columns in Query Editor
  • Customized SQLite 2/3 DLL in order to show table triggers
  • New View Builder (Based on Query Builder)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed Server Manager Properties for Oracle Servers
  • Fixed (GO Query Statement Separator not working when stm finishes with GO)
  • Fixed ODBC Date/Datetime Conversion (Invalid Datetime)
  • Fixed Data Manager DO NOT use column length for MSAccess tables (Numeric Types)
  • Fixed Task Builder (Didn't empty tables before write for database target)
  • Fixed Foreign Key Properties (Diagram Designer)
  • Fixed Query Editor (Includes Quotes when selected a field from ListBox)
  • Fixed Table Metadata not Quoting Fields in Primary Key
  • Fixed Database Compare now creates Stored procedures
  • Fixed (View Properties not showing SQL Statements / PostgreSQL)
  • Fixed (Query Result Export to HTML not showing default filename)
  • Fixed (Database Compare now compares View)
  • Fixed (Datasheet was not saving Memo Content when clicked on the save button)
  • Implemented new servers versions (PostgreSQL, Interbase, Firebird, SQlite)
  • Fixed (Import Text Wizard not creating new tables when engine=SQLite)
The new file is now available in the Downloads Center. If you experience problems please contact our Tech Support.

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