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DBManagerPro 3.3.0 Enterprise Edition
25th 04/2006 03:30 (1366 previews)
DBTools Software is pleased to announce the availability of the new DBManager Professional Enterprise Edition, version 3.3.0. This is not only a bug fix but a complete set of new features and lots of improvements. See the list of new features and fixes:

New Features

  • Implemented new Visual Styles
  • Implemented ODBC RecordSet Memory Allocation for ODBC, SQlite, SQlite3 (It consumes less memory)
  • New Procedure Builder with more features and resources for developing Stored Procedures. This is the base for all Builders in DBManager: Views, Functions and Triggers.
  • Implemented Function Builder (Like Procedure Builder)
  • Table Designer Redesigned. Now you can see the commands that will be executed to update tables
  • Implemented Table Trigger Builder (Like Procedure Builder)
  • Implemented Better Database Dump. Now it is possible to change version compatibility and add all or selected database objects
  • Implemented Objects View Customizations
  • Implemented Drag&Drop For Extend Objects (SP's, UDF's, Views)
  • New Form Designer, which adds supports for subforms, menus and tab forms and simple reports. It also display images in blob fields inside the form.
  • Added Workspace, Procedure Builder and Table Designer Layout Management
  • Implemented DataMigration Wizard Definition. You can save the definition for future use
  • Implemented Datasheet Refresh Query ( and Ask for Parameters again)
  • Diagram Designer Redesigned
  • Details and Objects Views can be refreshed by pressing F5
  • Added MessageBox (Abort, Accept, AcceptAll) when Loading Backup Fails
  • Query Builder now works with external queries
  • All the Wizards for Importing and Exporting Structure and Data were Improved. Now they are faster
  • New Parameter and Statement Parser For Queries in Query Builder

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed Crash with PostgreSQL server version 8.0.1
  • MSAccess Display only the first 20 rows for Table Data
  • Fixed Query Designer for SQLite when create statement with GROUP BY clause
  • Paste a query in console now correctly uses the line feeds
  • Fixed Migrating PostgreSQL to MySQL (GetIndexInfo Failed with wrong namespace)
  • Fixed Migrating PostgreSQL to MySQL (FetchRow for empty tables returning TRUE)
  • Fixed Migrating MySQL to PostgreSQL and other engines (ENUM/SET/DATE Default removed)
  • Fixed Create Table/Alter Table (PostgreSQL: creating in incorrect schema)
  • Fixed Crash When Dumping MSAccess Databases (MSAccess doesn't support this Feature)
  • Fixed Crash When Comparing MSAccess Databases
  • Lots of Improvements

The new version is now available for download in our Downloads Section.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks all users involved in the process of creating this new version. We couldn't do it without your kind help.

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