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New DBManager 3.3.2 Released
18th 07/2006 09:47 (752 previews)
DBTools Software is please to announce the availability of the new DBManager Professional 3.3.2. This version fixes all the reported bugs and add very few small improvements and new features.


  • Implemented [Delete] for user Objects (Diagrams, Reports, Forms)
  • Implemented Table Tree in Objects Browser


  • Fixed SQLite 2.8 Connection Test (Crash)
  • Fixed Enum/Set Disabled in Column Properties
  • Fixed pressing DELETE Key doesn't remove selected fkey but the selected table
  • Fixed Selecting Trigger show its metadata (Adding Namespace to Tablename)
  • Fixed Creating new tables in Diagram Designer Failed on create new columns
  • Fixed Database CVS (generating wrong XML tag name)
  • Fixed DBF Error Message When Creating New Tables
  • Fixed DBF Create Table Added .DBF to the Table Name causing error
  • Fixed DBF INSERTROW Into Tables Failed if there is no previous query
  • Fixed DBF Table Listing crashed if one or more tables are invalid
  • Fixed Enum Fields in Field Editor (Error updating the field)
  • Fixed MySQL WebServices (PHP Version) error when SHOW DATABASES is not allowed
  • Fixed Character spacing in Title Tips (Objects Browser & Query Planner)
  • Fixed Changing MySQL Column Order (Didn't work on existing fields)
The new release is now available for downloading in the Downloads Center. Please wait a moment until all mirrors are updated. Best Regards,

DBTools Software