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DBManager Professional 3.4.2
15th 01/2007 05:09 (912 previews)
We are pleased to announce the new DBManager Professional Enterprise Edition 3.4.2. This version has all the reported bugs fixed and some small improvements. Check the history change below.


  • Added XML datatype to MS SQL Server
  • Added XMLTYPE datatype to Oracle
  • Minor updates for Firebird 2.0 Server
  • Added links to DAO Import Wizard to access all different sources directly
  • Removed Password Not Empty Requirement when creating new users


  • Pressing TAB in Function Builder (Last param) hides focus
  • Fixed Form Builder didn't build comboboxes correctly when using schema/namespaces
  • Fixed SQL Server 2005 (implemented schemas)
  • Fixed SQL Server didn't get privileges due to mismatched permissions
  • Fixed SQL Server message [object not suported for group]
  • Fix delete Task (Catalog Updated to 3.7)
  • Fixed Menu Form disabled and Added Form Links
  • Activated [New Objects] Menu Options for missing objects (ObjectsView)
  • Fixed MS SQL Server 7.0 system catalog functions

The new version is now available in our download section. Please note that our mirrros take up to 24 hours to be updated.

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