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Cautions of oven: (25 previews)
Cautions of oven: Posted in 08th, 12/2017 03:27 by feiwosicun1020
A: the oven must be dehydrated first and slow down to prevent water shock.
B: the furnace is elevated to 150 and 320 C at constant temperature. The purpose is to remove the adsorbed water and crystalline water.25kg VIM Furnace For Directionally Super Alloy Of Gas Turbine
C: in the process of oven drying, we should strengthen the inspection, the heating should be slow and slow, strictly according to the heating curve of the oven, and find out the abnormal phenomenon immediately.
After oven inspection:portable oil rotary vane vacuum pump suction gas apply to packing field
A: check whether the cracks in brickwork, refractory lining off, steel frame, hanging or bending deformation of furnace tube, there is no deformation, no foundation subsidence.
B: if the refractory lining off the surface depth of more than 15mm, or drop depth reaches 1/5 of the thickness of the refractory layer, the need for a hole repair.
C: how to deal with the decision of the design unit if the fire-resistant lining appears to be chapped more than 3mm.
D: the sample of the furnace in the furnace before the oven is sampled and analyzed for water, less than 7% is qualified, waiting for normal operation.High Temperature Sintering Electric Vacuum Inert Gas Furnace

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Cautions of oven: (25 previews)

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