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attention to environmental protection composite floor (37 visualizações)
attention to environmental protection composite floor Postado em 19/06/2017 06:17 por qizhen0809

In recent years, Fu floor successfully developed waterproof, flame retardant, light board, artificial pencil board and other new products and new technology floor. And the use of sophisticated technology, the realization of E0 substrate Furen floor, the formaldehyde emissions reached a high level of E0 industry, and close to zero. Provide a health guarantee for the consumer's home life. The improvement of the quality of life has made people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, and the home paved floor also seeks to achieve pure water like environmental protection. E0 high level of environmental protection in order to reach the floor only people,

Furen temperament fresh, irregular scar and texture, show a variety of characteristics, suitable for collocation of pastoral style of home improvement products. Fukuhito floor price, small house temporarily introduced here, I hope for your help people buy the floor, this price is for reference only, specific to the market subject. Sports flooring is made of PVC material specially a floor for sports development,

sports flooring is divided into indoor and outdoor sports sports floor two floor, here we take a look at the advantages of seven sports flooring. A wide range of application according to the customer the choice of color customized production of professional badminton courts, table tennis courts, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball court, gym, cultural activity center, training center of plastic ground style plastic venues,
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