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Car headlight conservation (201 visualizações)
Car headlight conservation Postado em 19/06/2017 06:24 por feiwosicun1020

First, a simple light bulb burn and other small problems can be replaced by their own hands maintenance. But often the fault is not a simple way to deal with, then you need to be repaired by professionals. Note that the replacement of the lamp is not the more expensive the better, you should choose the model for their own models, the other modified xenon lamp for lighting system lines have strict requirements, not easily. Canadian LEDs Brighten Your World

Second, after the damage to the lamp as much as possible to replace the high-quality original light bulbs, low-quality lighting there are security risks. Owners not because of the difference between the price of tens of dollars and the selection of low-grade light bulbs, more harm than good. Third, regularly check the appearance of the lamp integrity, every 20,000 km for light brightness, angle calibration. If you really have the case of lack of brightness, it is recommended to replace the lamp, recommended both sides of the same time to replace, so as not to appear on both sides of the same brightness. Bad Boy Off Road Vehicles Masek Golf Cars

Fourth, if there are often a lot of water mist or even water droplets, and can not be used to eliminate the lights, you need to check the headlamps of the seal. No matter what the situation occurs in the lamp water vapor, do not use the lamp outside the heating method to eliminate, otherwise it is likely to cause irreparable damage. Best Red Led Headlamp

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Car headlight conservation (201 previews)
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