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wood flooring accounted for about Postado em 19/06/2017 09:02 por feiwosicun1020
competitiveness in order to achieve the unity of value and price,diy wood deck in malaysia to maximize profits. Third, enterprises should have the courage, confidence, courage, size up the situation, because of time and move, in technology, culture, brand, marketing, comprehensive and pragmatic innovation.According to the information, strengthen the wood flooring accounted for about 70% of the floor market share, although the favorite cork flooring and solid wood flooring consumers a lot of people, wood polymer composite decking for commercialbut the laminate flooring or because of its relatively low prices and excellent quality to win a lot The heart of the consumer. However, the reporter found in the recent survey,
strengthen the wood flooring market there are three consumers to deceive consumers. Chaos one: fish mixed beads --- "white packaging" is also true "workshop" as a strengthening of the floor of a cancer,outside lighting made from composite materials has always been a regular brand floor manufacturers and consumers "everyone shouting" object. In the small workshop production of laminate flooring not only in the procurement of raw materials and production and other aspects of the strict quality control, and can not provide consumers with basic after-sales service. As the media to expose the "workshop" how much does composite decking weightby constantly changing the brand in the market to deceive the phenomenon of consumers,
"workshop" to be effective control. However,composite deck boards on roof the reporter found in the visit: "workshop board" competing resurgence, into the brand store to play the fish and the beads of the trick. "White packaging" into the brand shop despite the multi-registered "brand" to deceive consumers means to be exposed, but the "workshop" is not willing. Reporters found in the visit:wood plastic composite wpc decking in building outdoor "workshop" transformed into part of the brand floor of the "white packaging." As the brand floor generally by the strict quality control system, but also in the country long-term sampling process quality and stability, and even some brands also won the "national Mianjian products" and other honors.

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wood flooring accounted for about (200 previews)
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